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We’re all Write!

We have been doing so much writing!

Some of us have been drawing pictures for our Mums! can you see the word Mum on this picture too? Wonderful!

Someone even wrote down a recipe and instructions on how to make honey and lemon for next time I have a sore throat! Thankyou!

We have been drawing lovely pictures of our favourite animals. I really like this dancing pig! And some lovely name writing too!

We have been writing messages to the poeple that are off of school because they are poorly. Feel better soon!

Some of us have been writing about what games we like to play at home and who we play with too!

We have been writing down messages in the office too. I hope you found the dog at the shop!

We have also been writing down some ingredients on how to make a nice cake. chocolate and strawberries?! Sounds delicious! I’ll make sure I mix the cake very well too.





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