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The Sun is out!!! 

And we are super happy!!

So happy, that we have even begun preparing a space to start planting some fruit and vegetables!! Lots of children helped to turn the soil, and dig out any weeds that might stop our plants from growing. We even planted some sunflower seeds. Do you think the seeds in the sun will grow faster?

We have also had the opportunity to see a wonderful show this week.

It was called ‘The River Runs.’ And we were very engaged as the story was told through dance. Here are a few pictures of our experience.

As you can see, the story was very exciting. It was all about an adventurer who had travelled to the rainforest to save a a very rare species of fish. We were all very captivated.

What was your favourite part of the show?
We have also been continuing to study plant growth, and this week have been checking on how well our plants are growing. We have been using rulers to measure their height and been ordering them from tallest to shortest.

How tall was your cress?

We have also really enjoyed having our very own book shop in the classroom! We have particularly enjoyed being shopkeepers.  
We hope you are all enjoying the sun!

Until next time…

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