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Shapes, bodies and healthy eating…

This week we have been talking a lot about the how to keep healthy. We have been talking about fruits and vegetables and reminded ourselves about portion control. Lunchtime is a very important part of the day, when we fill our bellies with food and give our bodies the energy they need for the rest of the day.    
Can you see some of the healthy choices that we have made for our lunches? 

During key time we drew around one of our children and worked together to label the different parts of the body. We knew some fantastic words and could talk about lots of different parts of the body. 

  We have lots of books around this week too, to helps us to learn all about how our bodies work.  
 Using our information books to do some research about our bodies. 

  Edwin is visiting our classroom, so that we can see the different bones we have in our bodies. 

We have made a mind map about how we can be healthy. We even listed some of the exercises we can do to keep ourselves strong and healthy. 
We’ve been cutting and chopping using some tricky kitchen tools. We’ve really enjoyed this activity, although we have to make sure we are being extra careful. Some of these tools are sharp! Do you help doing any cooking at home? 

We have been drawing ourselves and using our sounds to label the different parts of our bodies. 

We have also been exploring our environment to see what kinds of shapes we can find. We have been talking about the features of the shapes including: 



3D and 2D

Straight and curved. 
As you see, it’s been a busy week so far, and it’s only wednesday! 

We hope you enjoy the rest of your week, have fun! 

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